Overview of our main long-time activities

The unique international presentation of military, security and rescue units – the armed forces, the police, the components of the integrated rescue system, the customs administration, and the prison service – which the general public has free access to, is held annually in September at Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport.

The prestigious Czech national conference, which regularly brings together the leaders of the political representation and leading security experts, to assess the current state of affairs and security plans in order to provide further development.

The most visited security-related news portal in the Czech Republic, which reports on the North Atlantic Alliance and current security issues on the largest Czech news server,

The Institution for providing information to the general public about NATO and security policy also serve as a research center and a library. It organizes a number of seminars, lectures and excursions free of charge.

The Award for contribution for the accession of Central European countries to the North Atlantic Alliance and for the development of transatlantic relations awarded jointly by the Czech Jagello 2000 Association and the Slovak think tank GLOBSEC.

The presentation of the 21st Tactical Air Force Base Čáslav and other units of the Czech Army, which is held once every two years and is free of charge. The event also includes dynamic aviation demonstrations and other accompanying program.

Jagello 2000 is the coordinator and co-implementer of the project of strategic communication of the capabilities of the Czech defense and security industry on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the independent Czech Republic “Great stories in the heart of Europe 1993-2023”.

Study tours, lectures, debates, educational videos, professional internships and other activities devoted to expanding awareness of defense and security issues among primary, secondary and university students.