Further activities

The Czech-German discussion forum

The intensive security cooperation between the Czech Republic and Germany is taking place in both the civilian and military areas. The idea of the Czech-German Discussion Forum is to bring together Czech and German academics, lawmakers or representatives of the security forces and ministries, who can thus reflect this cooperation informally even on a professional level.

The Forum has been organized by Jagello 2000 in cooperation with the German organization Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft since 2017 and takes place once a year, alternately in the Czech Republic and Germany.


Aliante was an international competition for high school students designed to motivate students to be interested in international relations and security policy and understanding the North Atlantic Alliance. The uniqueness of the competition consisted in its concept, which required knowledge, judgment and physical condition, but the key to winning was mainly the ability to cooperate internationally – thanks to this, the original Czech project spread to 14 countries. Those who have succeeded received a well-deserved reward in the form of an exceptional trip to one country where, in addition to tourist attractions, the winners have the opportunity to visit places usually closed to the public – military bases, ministries, NGOs and other security-related places or institutions. The Aliante competition took place from 2001 to 2015.


Jagello 2000 has been involved in the publication of books, brochures or other information material on various security topics. An overview of publications can be found here.