Thanks to the success of our projects we can support other subjects, not only security-related.

Retirement Home Čáslav

The mission of the Retirement Home is to provide conditions for a dignified life for seniors with reduced self-sufficiency who can no longer live in their natural environment. Support and assistance builds on the normal way of life, aims to maintain or develop the capabilities of seniors and helps to strengthen contacts with family and surroundings.

Diaconia Central Bohemia

The Central Bohemian Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren provides social services to people with mental and multiple disabilities, seniors, people with dementia, mothers and families in crisis, people in difficult life situations.

Defenders’ Special

The Defenders’ Special of the SKP Ostrava is the competition in which police canine handlers can compare the level of dog training and at the same time have the opportunity to try their dogs in difficult situations as close as possible to real life in service.

Municipal Hospital Čáslav

The Municipal Hospital of Čáslav is a medical facility whose motto is “Our patient is not a diagnosis but a person” and thus expresses an effort for an individual approach to each of you, partnership and cooperation during the healing process.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life provides services to terminally ill people and their families who choose to care for their loved ones at home. The aim is to allow people with incurable diseases to stay in the circle of their loved ones, relieve pain and other physical and mental problems.

Military Solidarity Fund

The VFS supports the quality of life of children and families of soldiers who have died or been injured in their duties, it helps them to overcome the most critical period in terrible events and difficult life situations.