From MiG to Gripen: NATO missions from the point of view of a Czech military pilot: public talk

March 29th 2023 | Chomutov

In March, 24 years passed since the entry of the Czech Republic into the North Atlantic Alliance, and during that time the Czech Republic and its army became a full-fledged and recognized part of this military-political alliance. In a quarter of a century, not only society, but also its army, including technology, training and foreign cooperation, underwent a transformation. Lieutenant Colonel Michal Daněk, one of the most experienced pilots of the Army of the Czech Republic, came to the Chomutov senatorial office of Přemysl Rabas to talk about his experience from this transformation, from air operations and international military cooperation. The event takes place as part of the cycle Our Security Cannot Be Taken for Granted and with the support of the PPF Foundation.