Atrium party 2023: informal meeting of students with experts

March 29. 2023 | Prague

An important part of diplomacy takes place not in negotiations, but in the corridors. As a traditional informal meeting of Model NATO  and UN participants, the Atrium Party simulates just such an informal meeting, again this year with more than a dozen professionals from the fields of international relations, defense, security and technology. Students had the opportunity to talk, for example, with Member of Parliament Jiří Horák, who is the head of the permanent delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, with Deputy Minister of the Interior Jan Paďourek, or with Colonel Ivo Zelinka, head of the Department of Public Communication of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic. The NATO Information Centre organizes the Atrium party in cooperation with the Association for International Affairs.

This project was supported by
the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.