Čáslav AFB Open Day 2019

May 25. 2019 | Čáslav

Jagello 2000 co-organizes another edition of the 21st Tactical Air Force Base Open Day. The event takes place every two years at the Čáslav airport. It is traditionally focused on presenting not only Čáslav AFB and military equipment, which is presented on the ground and in the air, but also other military units are involved. This year, according to the organizers, up to 60,000 spectators came to the airport.

Visitors to the event saw the dynamic display of JAS-39 Gripen by Captain Ivo Kardoš. He also appeared in the sky in a unique performance together with the acrobatic king Martin Šonka. After a one-year break, aviation fans also saw a highly desirable demonstration of close air support by a pair of L-159 ALCA aircraft, accompanied by pyrotechnic effects.

The legendary MiG-15 was also featured in the sky, as were the Flying Bulls aerobatic group, the historic Tiger Moth aircraft, or five L-39s, which the Czech Air Force is retiring.

Static demonstrations of domestic as well as foreign participants were also rich. Slovakia has sent a MiG-29, Germany’s Panavia Tornado, and France’s Alpha Jet trainer were displayed in Čáslav.