Jagello 2000 as a partner of Kostelec 2020

November 6. 2020 | Kostelec nad Orlicí

The company Alter Eko has organized a next edition of economic forum in Kostelec nad Orlicí, of which the Jagello 2000 association is a proud partner. November 6, 2020 was devoted to the debate “on resilience and flexibility – the qualities that determine the winners in the turbulent world of present and future.”  With the participation of many experts in economics, business and other areas, participants (online) were able to learn about potential risks in the “(post)-corona society” and ways to prepare for them.

We draw your attention to the discussion with Gen. Petr Pavel about the danger of historical breaks, which was focused on the importance of the membership of the Czech Republic in NATO and the EU.

A records of individual debates and the most important ideas presented by speakers are available on the company’s webpage (in Czech).

Source: Alter Eko, Kostelec 2020