Get to know NATO 2022 (I.): study excursion

May 3. 2022 | Hranice, Přáslavice

This year’s first study excursion for secondary school students took place at the Army

of the Czech Republic base in Přáslavice. The project, which traditionally brings students to selected bases of the Army of the Czech Republic, this time gave the participants an insight into the functioning of the base of the 7th Mechanized Brigade. We would like to thank the 7th mechanized brigade “Dukelská” in Hranice, as well as the 72nd mechanized battalion “Generalmajor Josef Buršík” and the 73rd tank battalion in Přáslavice for the excursion in which the students of Mendel’s Gymnázium Opava participated. In Přáslavice, in addition to the presentation of equipment, tasks and foreign operations in which the units participated, the students had the opportunity to see a practical demonstration of their armored technology and weapons. In Hranice, the students then visited the permanent exhibition of the garrison and also stopped at the Chapel of St. Barbora, which stands in the area of the barracks, which were originally a military academy. The event takes place as part of the cycle Our Security Cannot Be Taken for Granted and with the support of the PPF Foundation.