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One way to inform is to answer the questions. Other way is to motivate people to find answers themselves. The example of this other way is Aliante competition designed for high school students. Its first year was held in 2001 only I in the Czech Republic. Since then, the numbers of participating students and countries constantly grow and the participating students exceeded already four thousand. Thus, the motivation in the form of two-week trip to allied country including visits of the tourists’ points of interest and military headquarters and bases appears to be sufficient.


21st Tactical Air Force Base Čáslav Open Day

Jagello 2000 is co-organizer of the traditional event held every two years at the Čáslav Air Force Base. Not only the base, but also other units of the Czech Armed Forces are presented and show their equipment at static display. Programme of the show consist mainly of performances of military aircraft, including foreign participants.


NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days

The security politics does not mean only army and NATO Days in Ostrava are not only troop review. The Czech Republic and its allies have wide spectrum of means, devices and vehicles to provide the security and to save humans’ lives. The objective of NATO Days is to display as many of them as possible – its participants are armies, air forces, police units, rescuers or firefighters that present themselves at al-day programme at Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava. But inseparable part of NATO Days is also seminars, projections or discussions.

NATO Days in Ostrava are non-commercial and the admission on the whole programme is free.


NATO Information Center in Prague

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic decided to establish the NATO Information Center in 2002, just before NATO Prague Summit. Its purpose was the communication with the general public about the security politics. Jagello 2000 is its operator since 2003 and we managed to considerably extend its activities. Not only that IC NATO answers the questions, organizes lectures, seminars or excursions, offers help with background research and literature retrieval, but it also possesses the unique library with specialised publications.



The best medium to bring the information about NATO to as many people as possible is Internet. So when NATO Information Center was established in 2002, also its official website natoaktual.cz was founded. Together with basic information about NATO, its history, operations or summits, it offers news, media monitoring, analyses and comments, photo galleries and much more. Natoaktual.cz is media partner of different projects aimed at security problems and public diplomacy.


The National Conference: “Our Security Is Not a Given”

The National Conference: “Our Security Is Not a Given” is an annually held top-level conference. The main aim of the conference is to enable meeting of security experts with political representatives and arrange for a highly needed mutual discussion about security and defence policy. The conference is held on a national format to enable deep internal discussion of the topics at hand. This national format is supplemented by selected honourable guests from abroad.



Conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures are and will be the important platform for the exchange of opinions and transfer of experience among politicians, institution representatives, academicians, public or students. We are organizing these actions focused at security politics, NATO or euro-atlantic integration not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Serbia, Germany or Israel.

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