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ATA General Assembly

Berlin (GER); Nov 10-12, 2008
We are participating in the General Assembly of Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA).

We are members of ATA from the Czech Republic. As  well as representatives of national organizations from other 41 member or associate countries, we will present our activities and plans in the field of public diplomacy.

The Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) is an organization which acts as a network facilitator in the Euro-Atlantic and beyond. The ATA draws together political leaders, academics, and diplomats in an effort to further the values set forth in the North Atlantic Treaty.

The Atlantic Treaty Association seeks, through discussion and political channels, to support the values set forth in the North Atlantic Treaty: Freedom, Liberty, Peace, Security, and the Rule of law. As such, the ATA acts as a forum for debate in which member associations can realize common interests and democratic goals in the ever-changing security environment of the 21st century.


International Security and NATO

Prague; Nov 2-9, 2008
We are organizing the fifth educational programme "International Security and NATO" for the university students from Serbia.

This programme is the part of the project "Euro-Atlantic Forum Prague-Belgrade". Its aim is to inform students about the current issues of the North Atlantic Alliance and about the Czech experience from NATO accession. Students will meet with Czech experts and diplomats, they will also visit the Air Base in Caslav.


Educational journey for the Serbian experts

Oct 21-24, 2008
We are organizing educational visit for the representatives of the Serbian Office for European Integration.

Zoran Sretič, who is specialized on the environmental issues, and Branko Budimir, structural funds expert, are taking part in this journey. Its aim is to present them Czech experience in mentioned areas. They will visit the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry for Regional Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other institutions, e.g. Regional Authority in Ostrava.


Day of Euro-Atlantic Partnership

Lviv (UKR); Oct 21, 2008
The third year of Day of Euro-Atlantic Partnership takes place in the Military academy of the ground troops in Lvov.

The previous years were held as events for general public. Unfortunately, it was not possible this year that is organized only in the form of seminar "NATO - Ukraine cooperation in security fields" for experts and media.


Seminar in Zagreb

Zagreb; (CRO), Oct 20, 2008
We are organizing a seminar „Diplomacy in Security and Defence Policy: Czech Tools and Experience“ for our partners and experts in Crotia.

The aim of the seminar is to present the procedures, tools and experiences from public diplomacy and defence diplomacy that can be inspiring and transferable to the croatian conditions.


Briefing on operations in Afghanistan

Prague; Oct 1, 2008
IC NATO prepared a special briefing on military operations in Afghanistanu for the Czech legislators.

High representatives of the Czech, U.S. and British military participated as the speakers on the briefing.

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