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Our security cannot be taken for granted IV

Prague; Jun 8, 2017
Jagello 2000 organizes the fourth edition of national security conference aimed at interaction and factual discussion between political representatives and expert public.

The auditorium of this political-expert debate on the national level is composed especially of the members of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, top representatives of armed forces, representatives of the ministries of defence, foreign affairs and interior, prominent Czech security experts, diplomats and military attachés of NATO member countries, journalists and other expert public guests.


Visit our exposition at IDET Fair!

Brno; May 31 - Jun 2, 2017
Jagello 2000 presents the NATO Days in Ostrava and its other projects at the IDET International Defence and Security Technologies Fair.

Jagello 2000 has its own exposition with number P007 at the fair, where visitors can get information about activities of the association, especially NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days, but also about other projects - NATO Information Centre or natoaktual.cz, news and information portal.

Jagello 2000 also participates at the promotion of the fair, because natoaktual.cz is the official media partner of IDET.


The 21st Tactical Air Force Caslav Open Day

Chotusice; May 20, 2017
Jagello 2000 is co-organizing the 21st Tactical Air Force Caslav Open Day.

This traditional event is focused on presentation of the Caslav AFB, as well as other units of the Czech Army. The Swiss aerobatic group Patrouille Suisse is main foreign highlight of the Open Day, but many other dynamic displays of both Czech and foreign aircraft is planned as well. Equipment of the Czech Land Forces and Air Force is presented at static displays.

More about the event can be found here.


Debate about European security policy and NATO

Liberec; May 15, 2017
NATO Information Centre co-organizes a lecture and a debate about European Union's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and its relations to the North Atlantic Alliance.

Main guest of the debate is Gen (Ret) Jiří Šedivý, former Chief of Staff of the Czech Army. The event is organized by the Europe Direct Liberec.


Informal meeting of students and experts IV

Prague; Apr 6, 2017
NATO Information Centre organizes another edition of successful "Atrium Party" for high-school students.

The purpose of this event is to allow informal discussion between students and invited security experts. It is prepared for participants of the Model NATO/Prague Student Summit debate project organized by the Association for International Affairs. This time students can meet with represresentatives of the Czech Foreign Ministry, National Centre for Cybersecurity, Czech Army or NGOs.


Debates with Israeli experts

Prague; Mar 29-30, 2017
Jagello 2000 together with the CEVRO Institute and Israel Public Diplomacy Forum organizes a series of lectures and discussions with leading Israeli experts on international relations and cybersecurity.

Main speakers are Prof. Ejtan Gilboa, IPD Forum Academy Director and Director of International Relations Forum at the Bar-Ilan University, and Lior Tabarsky, cybersecurity expert and author of Cybersecurity in Israel book.

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