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NATO's Strategic Concept Workshop

Prague; Mar 15, 2010
We are participating in the first of the workshops of the project "Interests and Priorities of the Czech Republic: NATO's New Strategic Concept".

Jagello 2000 is one of seven co-organizers of this project. The workshop is focused on identification and hierarchization of the security threats, to which NATO, EU, the Czech Republic and others international bodies are facing or will be facing. Moreover, the workshop deals with the determination of challenges that are consequences of those threats.


Strategic Management for Leaders of NGOs

Athens (GR); Feb 28-Mar 5 2010
Representative of Jagello 2000 participates in workshop "Strategic Management for Leaders of NGOs".

American university Harvard Kennedy School choose the representative of Jagello 2000 for participation in educational workshop Strategic Management for Leaders of NGOs focused on developement of the non-governmental organizations activities and networking, which this university organizes every year for chosen representatives of NGOs from all the world as a part of its project Executive Education.


Visegrad Security Cooperation Initiative

Bratislava (SK); Feb 25, 2010
Jagello 2000 is a partner of "Visegrad Security Cooperation Initiative".

Visegrad Initiative of the Security Cooperation is organized by the Slovak Atlantic Commission. The representative of Jagello 2000 participates in the preliminary meeting of the project partners in Bratislava on February 25.


Aliante 2010

22. 2. 2010
The tenth edition of the Aliante competition begins.

Students from eleven countries can participate this year in this project, which want to increase the awareness about the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and security policy.

There is no similar thing in the world like Aliante – with its concept and international extension. All participants get their prize - extend their knowledge in the competition areas. Contestants also meet people with similar interests from other countries and gain contacts that can be useful in further studies or even during a professional career.

Official website of the competition can be found at www.project-aliante.org.


Conference in Belgrade

Belgrad (SRB); Jan 20, 2010
We co-organize the conference "Czech Republic and Serbia: Cooperation for Integration" held on the occasion of the five years of Jagello 2000 activities in Serbia.

Conference is attended by H.E. Mr. Jan Kohout, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and by H.E. Mr. Božidar Djelić, Deputy Prime Minister for EU Integration and Minister of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. It is co-organized by the Jagello 2000 Association and the  the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Serbia.


Energy Security Conference

Dnipropetrovs’k (UKR); Dec 9, 2009
The Euro-Atlantic Integration Center in Dnipropetrovs'k organizes the international conference "The Energy Security in modern conditions: the search for adequate responses to challenges of the time".

The aim of the conference is to define threats to ensuring European energy security and to determine the principles and approaches to solving problems of energy security to guarantee the security of supply and receiving energy.

Participants of the conference are representatives of European Union, NATO, International Energy Agency, diplomatic establishments, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine, central and local authorities, scientific institutes, and analytical centers. Vaclav Bartuska, Czech Ambassador for Energy Security, will also take part in the conference.

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