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Serbian delegation visit to the CR

Prague; Sep 29-Oct 2, 2009
Representatives of Serbian ministries are on the study visit of the Czech Republic.

Representative of the Serbian European Integration Office Senior Advisor Ms. Sanja Mešanović and representative of the Directorate General of the EU Affairs (Serbian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs) Minister Counselor Mr. Slobodan Prosić are to debate about regional cooperation in the European integration process in context of Visegrad Group with high Czech representatives Mr. Jiří Čistecký, Director of Central Europe Department (MFA), Mr. Martin Svárovský, Deputy Director of Strategy and Analyses Office (MFA), Mr. Petr Vágner, Excutive Director of the International Visegrad Fund and Mr. Štefan Füle, Minister for the European Affairs.


Aliante 2009 Winners' Trip

Sep 18-28, 2009
Winners of international competition Aliante 2009 are on their visit of the Czech Republic.

They will have an opportunity to see tourist attractions, but also places inaccessible for usual tourists - military bases of elite units all around the country.

More information about Aliante competition can be found here.


NATO Days in Ostrava 2009

Ostrava; Sep 16-20, 2009
The biggest air, military & security show is taking place in Ostrava.

The Weekend Show consists of presentaion of military, police and rescue equipment, dynamic displays of special units capabilities, flying displays and presentation of units armaments. Nowhere else visitors can see the best of military, fire fighters, policemen, prison guard, custom officers, and many other services in one place.

The highlight of the event is dynamic performance of the British RAF Typhoon Display Team and first public appearence of the US transport airplane C-5 Galaxy in the Czech Republic.

More information about NATO Days in Ostrava can be found here.


Aliante 2009 Finale

Rukla (LT); Jun 28-Jul 3, 2009
The Finale of the international student competition Aliante 2009 takes place in Lithuania.

More information about Aliante competition can be found here.


Visit of the Management of the Serbian University

Vyškov, Ostrava; Jun 24-26, 2009
Jagello 2000 Association organizes the official visit of the management of the Serbian University of Defence to the Czech Republic.

The purpose of the visit is to establish a cooperation between the Jagello 2000 Association and the Serbian University of Defence. Serbian officials also visit to Training Command - Military Academy in Vyškov.


On-line Interview with the Gripen Commander

Šiauliai (LT); Jun 25, 2009
Natoaktual.cz prepared an on-line interview with Jaroslav Míka, commander of Czech pilots protecting air space of the Baltic countries with the Gripen aircrafts.

Questions and answers can be found here (in Czech).

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