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Teachers Invited to the British Embassy

Prague; Jun 21, 2010
The British military attaché invited the participants of the teachers' study trip Security Through Education to the British Embassy to debriefing and evaluation of the project.

Because teachers during their visit of the United Kingdom came to see both British and US airbases, the US military attaché is participating at the meeting too. More information about the project can be found here.


Panel Discussion with Amb. Bartuška

Belgrad (SRB); Jun 14, 2010
Jagello 2000 in cooperation with the Serbian organization Belgrade Funf for Political Excellency organizes the panel discussion with the Ambassador for Energy Security Václav Bartuška.

The topic of the discussion is „Why EU cares about energy security – and why different parts of the EU see their own security so differently“.


Gathering of "IS & NATO" participants

Belgrad (SRB); Jun 14, 2010
Jagello 2000 in cooperation with the Serbian organization Center for Civic-Military Relations prepared the gathering of former participants of International Security & NATO programme and their meeting with the Ambassador for Energy Security Václav Bartuška.

The study programme  "International Security & NATO" has taken place every year since 2005 and so far, around 120 students from all the Serbia participated.


Prof. Nálevka, member of CEAR, died

Prague; Jun 6, 2010
All members of the Jagello 2000 - Czech Euroatlantic Council are heartbroken after the death of their colleague, prof. Vladimír Nálevka.

Prof. Nálevka was highly respected not only as outstanding Czech historian, but also for his personal courage or for his contribution to Czech-German relations in academic level.

Prof. Nálevka unfortunately passed, but his work and legacy stay with us.


Study Trip for Serbian NGO

Prague; Jun 1-4, 2010
We organize a four-day study trip in the Czech Republic for the representatives of the Serbian NGO Initiative for integrations - Inicijativa za integracije IFI.

IFI - the organization from the Serbian city of Vranje is mainly focused at the integration of the Balkans into the Euro-Atlantic structures and it is very active on the local level. They will have an opportunity to meet and discuss with the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prague Security Studies Institute, Jagello 2000 Association or IC NATO. More information about IFI can be found here or at its Facebook profile here.


Meeting with the NATO Days' Supporters

Ostrava; May 31, 2010
For people concerned about the NATO Days in Ostrava we organize a meeting with organizers of this event.

The purpose of the meeting is to let the supporters to have a closer look to the preparations of the event, but also to hear their suggestions and remarks about the event, so we can use that to improve this year's NATO Days in Ostrava.

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