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V4 Conference in Budapest

Budapest; Apr 8-9, 2010
Chairman of Jagello 2000 participates in the conference "Past lessons, current issues and future prospects of Visegrad co-operation within NATO and ESDP".

This conference is held in the framework of the project "Creating a sphere of security in wider Central Europe: sharing the V4 know-how in cooperation on security with the neighbouring regions" and is organized by the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs. The Chairman of the Jagello 2000 Association is the speaker of the panel "The sustaining tasks of Atlantic associations in the Visegrad countries: raising public awareness and generating intellectual discourse on the continued importance of Transatlantic relations and solidarity ".

During the conference, the Presidents of the atlantic associations in the countries of "Visegrad Four" sign the declaration demanding the reconfirmation of the NATO’s commitment as enshrined in Article 5 and the keeping of the "Open Door" policy for the countries of Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


Presentation for the Business Academy

Prague; Apr 9, 2010
IC NATO prepares the presentation about the Alliance for the Business Academy in Prague 8.

We organize the presentation by request of the Business Academy. It is not focused only on NATO, but also on new ways of communication or possibilities of cooperation with NGO in the field of public diplomacy. Presentation takes place at the Academy and the main speaker is Andrej Čírtek, former Director of the Communication Strategies Department of the Ministry of Defence.


Ambassador Bartuška's visit of the University

Ostrava; Apr 7, 2010
Jagello 2000 participates in the organizing of the meeting of Ambassador Václav Bartuška with the representatives of the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava.

The Ambassador at large for the energy security Václav Bartuška will meet with the Rector and Vice-Rectors of the University, and then also with the students - members of the Academic Senate.


Teachers' Study Tour

London (UK); Mar 22-25, 2010
We are organizing pilot project of unique study tours for high school teachers "Security Through Education".

High school teachers of the social sciences have during this tour an opportunity to visit bases of the Royal Air Force and US Air Force in England. Through displays and presentations they get to know about the British and US participation in Afghanistan, early warning system AWACS and other aspects of the euroatlantic security.


NATO's Strategic Concept Workshop

Prague; Mar 15, 2010
We are participating in the first of the workshops of the project "Interests and Priorities of the Czech Republic: NATO's New Strategic Concept".

Jagello 2000 is one of seven co-organizers of this project. The workshop is focused on identification and hierarchization of the security threats, to which NATO, EU, the Czech Republic and others international bodies are facing or will be facing. Moreover, the workshop deals with the determination of challenges that are consequences of those threats.


Strategic Management for Leaders of NGOs

Athens (GR); Feb 28-Mar 5 2010
Representative of Jagello 2000 participates in workshop "Strategic Management for Leaders of NGOs".

American university Harvard Kennedy School choose the representative of Jagello 2000 for participation in educational workshop Strategic Management for Leaders of NGOs focused on developement of the non-governmental organizations activities and networking, which this university organizes every year for chosen representatives of NGOs from all the world as a part of its project Executive Education.

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