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Riga Conference

Riga (LV); Sep 10-11, 2010
Upon the invitation of the organizers, the representative of Jagello 2000 participates at the fifth international security "Riga Conference".

Presidents and ministers of European countries, but also Afghan Defence Minister Abdul Wardak, appeared as speakers at the conference organized by Latvian Transatlantic Organisation. More information about the conference can be found here.


Europa Seminar 2010

Germany; Aug 28-Sep 4, 2010
The representative of Jagello 2000 was invited to participate at the first European Seminar of German Army "Europa Seminar 2010".

Participants of this prestigious educational project meet with the top representatives of Bundeswehr, NATO, or the European Union. More information about the seminar can be found here.


Aliante 2010 Winners' Trip

Poland; Jul 27-Aug 4, 2010
Winners of the international student competition Aliante 2010 are enjoying their prize - the trip through Poland.

They will visit many tourist sights, but also places inaccessible for regular tourists - bases of the Polish Army, Navy and Air Force. They deserve this trip that lead from Gdynia and Gdansk through Bydgoszcz, or Krakow to the capital Warsaw, thanks to their performance in three rounds of the competition, where they succeeded among almost three thousand student.

You can find more information about Aliante here.


Crisis Management Simulation

Otzenhausen (GER); Jul 20-25, 2010
The representative of Jagello 2000 participates at the fifth Crisis Management Simulation at the European Academy in Otzenhausen, Germany.

This year’s topic is “Stabilizing Afghanistan” and the simulation brings together over 40 students from all over Europe and North America.

The participants will be grouped into delegations representing organizations like NATO, national and regional actors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). After assessing their delegations’ view of the situation, a strategy paper (MiniMax-paper) has to be formulated.

This will give the participants a unique possibility to apply their knowledge and being „involved as actors“ in the attempt to reach solutions for a realistic and current crisis scenario.


DAYS 2010 Seminar

Aalborg (DK); Jul 5-11, 2010
The representative of Jagello 2000 participates at the seminar on on international security politics and conflict management DAYS 2010.

DAYS is an annual event gathering young students, experts and practitioners from more than twenty different countries to a week with security politics, crisis management, networking and socialization. Through lectures, workshops, panel debates and social activities the seminar will give young students a unique opportunity to enlarge their intellectual and cultural horizon. This year DAYS celebrates its 25th anniversary and our main focus will be on security policy changes throughout the past 25 years.




Finale of the Aliante 2010 Competition

Sachkhere (GEO); Jun 28 - Jul 2, 2010
The finale of the international student competition Aliante 2010 takes place at the Mountain Training School in Sachkhere, Georgia.

Nine European countries are taking part in this unique competition for high-school students. And from all the countries, only 20 two-member teams, who were the best in two knowledge based rounds, participate at the final. They have to pass mainly physical disciplines, but also have to prove they are able to cooperate at the international level to become the winners of Aliante.

You can find the official website of the competition here.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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