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UAV conference

Ostrava; Sep 15, 2017
Jagello 2000 co-organize the second national conference about unmanned aerial vehicles.

The event was organized in the framework of NATO Days in Ostrava associate programmes by Jagello 2000 - NATO Information Centre and the Armaments and Acquisition Division of the Ministry of Defence.


Meet NATO 2017

Mosnov; Sep 13, 2017
The NATO Information Centre prepares another excursion for students of the schools from Ostrava region to have a unique opportunity to board U.S. Air Force aircraft and talk with their pilots at the Leos Janacek Ostrava Airport.

The Meet NATO project aims at presenting the North Atlantic Alliance and activities of its members. The event was part of associate programme of the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days and more than 200 students of eight elementary and high schools participated. It was prepared in cooperation with the Moravian-Silesian Region.


Contact Point Embassy seminar

Prague; Aug 31, 2017
Jagello 2000 - NATO Information Centre prepares an expert seminar to evaluate activities of the Czech Embassy in Amman, Jordan, which served as a NATO's Contact Point Embassy in 2013 - 2016.

Jagello 2000 has a long-term cooperation with Czech Embassies acting as a contact points for NATO. Already in 2006, it published a study "Contact Point Embassies: new dimension of the Czech foreign policy" (in Czech available here).


Joint Sky Debates with Students

Jun 26-28, 2017
NATO IC again prepares for Czech high-school students discussions with foreign air force representatives.

This June's edition takes place in schools in Prague, Jaroměř, Vodňany, Protivín and Sázava. Debates' purpose is to support security issues education in high-schools around the czech Republic.


Prague; Jun 22, 2017
NATO IC prepares a seminar for the German students of law.

The seminar co-organized by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and Brücke/Most Foundation is focused on legal aspects of the membership in the North Atlantic Alliance and lawyers' tasks in the international security.


Czech-German Security Seminar

Prague; Jun 11-12, 2017
NATO IC organizes two international seminars to deepen a security cooperation between the Czech Republic and Germany.

Jagello 2000 - NATO Information Centre reacts to intensified security cooperation between the Czech Republic and Germany by initiating bilateral expert seminars reflecting a practical cooperation from the theroratical and academic point of view. Co-organizer of the seminars is CEVRO Institute, it is also supported by the Hanns-Seidel Stiftung and Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft.

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