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Conference NATO after the Lisbon Summit

Prague; Dec 13, 2010
Representatives of Jagello 2000 and IC NATO participate at the international conference focused on the development of NATO after its Lisbon Summit.

Conference named "NATO after the Lisbon Summit: Prospects and Challenges" is organized by the Association for International Affairs and was attended by the officials of NATO, Czech Foreign Ministry, and experts from the USA, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Poland and Egypt.


Visit of the Serbian delegation to the CR

Prague; Dec 1-4, 2010
Jagello 2000 organizes a study visit to the Czech Republic for representatives of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia.

Ms. Vukica Bućković, Assistant Minister in Charge of Material and Financial Operations, and Ms. Maja Matija Ristić, Secretary of the Serbian Ministry of Justice just visit the Czech Republic. The delegation participates in the meeting e.g. at the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic and Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office. The delegation will meet the new Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Prague, Ms. Maja Mitrović and will have a meeting with Mr. Jan Kohout, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.


UK's National Security Strategy Review

Prague; Nov 23, 2010
Jagello 2000 is organizing expert round-table focused on the transformation of the UK's armed forces.

Presentation and debate with the topic "UK's National Security Strategy and the Strategic Defence and Security Review" is lead by Mike Moon, British Deputy Ambassador, and Col. Jamie Athill, British Military Attaché.

The event is held in the British Embassy in Prague and is organized by the Jagello 2000 Association, NATO Information Centre and the British Embassy.


NATO Summit in Lisbon

Lisbon (PT); Nov 19-20, 2010
IC NATO representatives are as journalists taking part at the NATO Summit in Lisbon, which is traditional meeting of the head of states and governments of NATO members.

Exclusive news from the NATO Summit can be found at the news portal natoaktual.cz - summit special webpage here.


Seminar about NATO for students

Prague; Nov 10, 2010
IC NATO prepared the seminar about activities of NATO for students from Brno.

The lector of the seminar was Gen. (ret.) Ándor Šándor, who introduced students into the issues of North Atlantic Alliance and the security politics. After the seminar students visited the premises of IC NATO and obtained official NATO  materials.


Serbian delegation visit to the Czech Republic

Nov 9-12, 2010
Jagello 2000 organizes a study visit to the Czech Republic for the representatives of the Serbian Public Procurement Office.

Borisav Knežević, advisor of the Departement for Development and Improvement of Public Procurement, and Svetlana Razić, head of the group for procurement monitoring, hold meetings at the Ministry for Regional Development, at the Transparency International in Prague, and at the Office for Fair Trading in Brno. The delegation is to see the new Ambassador of the Serbia in Prague, Mrs. Maja Mitrović.

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