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Informal debate with Matin Povejsil

Prague; Jan 5, 2012
After on year the NATO Information Centre prepared the round-table with the Czech Ambassador to NATO Martin Povejsil and Czech security community members.

The main topics of the debate is recenty ended NATO's missions in Libya and Iraq and the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago.


Lecture about the EU and NATO

Prague; Dec 15, 2011
The NATO Information Centre prepared the lecture about the recent development of the EU security policy, NATO and their cooperation for the students of the Archbishop Grammar School in Prague.

The lecture is hold by the foreign and security policy expert Tomas Weiss, PhD. from the Faculty of the Social Sciences of the Charles University. The students are also having an opportunity to visit the library of the NATO IC and to get the brochures about NATO.


Czech Information Centres Survey

Prague; Nov 30, 2011
Jagello 2000 in the framework of its project NATO Information Centre in Prague realize survey among information centres in the Czech Republic in order to get a better view about centres' activities.

The aim of this project is to improve function of ICs through information and experience sharing. 25 information centres were addressed to participate in the survey, 10 of them actually participate. The survey was held in September and October 2011. The final presentation of the results and participants' discussion takes place on November 30, 2011, in Prague.


Lecture for the Model NATO participants

Prague; Nov 26, 2011
IC NATO representative is holding a lecture about NATO, its transformation after the Cold War and its current missions for students participating at the Model NATO.

IC NATO is a traditional partner of the educational project Model NATO aimed at high-school students from the Czech Republic. Its organizer is the Association for International Affairs. More information can be found at the website www.natomodel.cz.


Visegrad Youth Forum 2011

Banska Bystrica; Nov 25-27, 2011
Jagello 2000 is a partner of the Visegrad Youth Forum 2011 on Common Foreign and Security Policy.

High-school and university students and distinguished specialists from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia convene in Banska Bystrica to discuss the most actual issues related to foreign policy and results of 20-year activity of V4 in the European territory.

The whole project initiated and organised by the Euro-Atlantic Center was created as a tribute of 20th anniversary of V4 and V4 chairmanship of Slovakia. Visegrad Youth Forum 2011 on Common Foreign and Security Policy is co-organized by Corvinus Society for Foreign Affairs and Culture (Hungary), Euro – Atlantic Association (Poland) and Jagello 2000 association (Czech Republic) 


Smart Security Conference

Bratislava; Nov 21, 2011
Jagello 2000 is a partner of the Visegrad Four security cooperation conference.

The conference "Smart Security: Regional Cooperation in the Time of Austerity" is organized by the Slovak Atlantic Commission and its aim is to identify the practical measures that would allow Central European militaries to mitigate the impact of budget cuts, and to preserve and improve capabilities during a period of austerity.

The conference is also part of the long-term project of the Slovak Atlantic Commission "Defence Austerity: A New Paradigm for Defence and Security Cooperation in the Visegrad Region", which put together 12 experts from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia and they strive to develop a comprehensive analysis of the limits and opportunities of Visegrad security cooperation.

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