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Debate at the Grammar School

Prague; May 16, 2012
US Air Force Reserve officers Col. Joseph Jones and Lt.-Col. David Webb visited the Arabska Grammar School and debated with its students.

Col. Jones and Lt.-Col. Webb were invited to the Czech Republic by the Jagello 2000 Association, with which they cooperate in the securing of the B-52 strategic bomber participation at NATO Days in Ostrava. This opportunity was used by the NATO Information Centre to organize a debate for the student, who could learn about the facts about US Air Force.


Natoaktual.cz launches the RSS feed

Prague; Apr 27, 2012
After the graphic redesign the new step closer to the readers was done by the launching of the informational RSS feed.

Thanks to it, it it possible to be immediately informed about all articles and news that appear on the portal. You can sign in to receive the RSS feed here. The Facebook profile of the portal was also established, where will articles appear too and where you can discuss about them and about security topics with other readers.


Jagello 2000 awards a prize at GLOBSEC conference

Bratislava; Apr 12, 2012
This year, for the very first time, the Global Security Forum GLOBSEC will host a ceremony during which the new Czech and Slovak Transatlantic Awards will be awarded to two personalities who have significantly contributed to the strengthening of the transatlantic relations.

GLOBSEC conference in Bratislava is a leading Central European forum for international security issues. Hundreds of important guests and top officials from almost 50 countries participate this year. One of the leading ceremonial moments of the GLOBSEC 2012 conference will be tonight's Gala Dinner commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Prague NATO Summit – the historic moment when seven post-communist Central European countries were invited to become members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Tonight, at the historical building of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, the first personality to be awarded the CSTA is a prominent American diplomat and analyst Ronald Asmus. Ron Asmus will be awarded in memoriam and the award will be presented to his wife Barbara Wilkinson who we can welcome to Bratislava for this occasion. Central and Eastern Europe remembers Ron Asmus best for his relentless effort supporting the groundbreaking decision to enlarge the North Atlantic Treaty Organization so that it includes the post-communist countries.

The other personality to be recognized tonight is the Czech diplomat and politician Alexandr Vondra, Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic, former advisor to the Czech President Vaclav Havel and a former Czech Ambassador to the USA. In every position he has held in his prolific career, he has always been a strong proponent of the idea of Atlanticism and integration of Czech Republic and Slovakia to NATO. Mr. Vondra is also a person who, among others, was responsible for the preparations of the above mentioned 2002 Prague NATO Summit.

"By setting up this international award a by virtually connecting the two most significant security events in Central Europe - the NATO Days in Ostrava organized by Jagello 2000 Association and SAC's GLOBSEC - we want to emphasize and promote the role that security and defence play in our daily lives and how important is the work of people who work for achieving them," says the founder and CEO of Jagello 2000 Zbyněk Pavlačík.


Jagello 2000 representatives visited USAFR bases

USA, March 2012
During their recent working visit to the US, Jagello 2000 representatives were received by top USAFR commanders.

The 7-day working trip of the Jagello 2000 team, led by the Association’s chairman Mr. Zbyněk Pavlačík, included visits and meetings at three USAFR bases, at the NATO Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk and concluded at the Pentagon.

The undisputable highlight of the trip was the meeting with the US Air Force Reserve Commander, three-star general Charles E. Stenner at the USAFR Command HQ at Robins AFB, Georgia.

Meeting of Jagello 2000 chairman with General Charles Stenner, USAFR Commander, crowned the trip (Gen. Stenner handing over a gift, Robins AFB, March 8, 2012).


Mr. Pavlačík was also received by Col. Steven Chapman, commander 315th Airlift Wing Charleston AFB (March 12, 2012).


One of the B-52 bombers from Barksdale AFB participated at NATO Days in Ostrava in 2010 and 2011.

“The very fact that we were received here is a big honour for us and an appreciation of our work. We see it as an expression of interest for cooperation not only with regards to NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days,” said Zbyněk Pavlačík after the meeting. Pavlačík also handed over a thank-you memorial poster, made from newspaper clips about NATO Days in Ostrava 2012 and signed by Czech Air Force Commander, Gen. Jiří Verner.

Apart from 10 representatives of USAFR command, the meeting at Robins AFB was attended also by GenMaj Craig Gourley, USAFR Deputy Commander. Gen. Gourley attended the 2012 NATO Days in Ostrava including the V4 Summit. “Gen. Gourley has confirmed his participation at Ostrava this year as well and we view it as a proof of his good impressions from our event,” explains Pavlačík.

“We have not discussed details of USAFR participation this year at this level. The goal of the meeting was to lay foundations for the long-term cooperation. USAFR is our strategic partner, having sent as many as three aircraft last year. Moreover, the planes travelled directly from the United States, which is rather uncommon since the US Air Force usually presents aircraft based in Europe,” stresses Pavlačík.

Other meetings ensued at the Barksdale AFB, home of the 307th Bomb Wing. Barksdale-based B-52s participated at Ostrava for two times already.

Meeting at Charleston AFB, SC, was also very inspirational. The base is home to 56 C-17 aircraft, out of some 200 in the USAF inventory. “It was a valuable experience to peek at the operation management of the C-17 base,” commented Pavlačík. 

Charleston AFB is home to 56 C-17s, a whole quarter of all the USAF inventory of this type.



NATO Days in Ostrava 2012 memorial poster handed over to Gen Stenner by the Jagello 2000 chairman (Robins AFB, March 8, 2012).



NATO Days presented at Czech-Polish Forum

Warsaw (PL); Mar 28, 2012
Another place for the foreign presentation of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days is the Czech-Polish Forum for Defense Industry Cooperation.

It takes place in Warsaw, in the "Centrum Konferencyjne Wojska Polskiego" conference centre under the auspices of Defense Ministers Alexandr Vondra and Tomasz Siemoniak. NATO Days are to be presented by the Jagello 2000 representatives, who take part at the forum.


NATO Days to be presented to Air Force Chiefs

Ramstein Air Base (GE); Mar 27, 2012
After the success of the NATO Days exhibition in NATO HQ, the event is to be presented at another important occasion.

Thanks to the connection with official Czech Air Force Days Jagello 2000 representatives will present NATO Days to NATO's Air Forces Chiefs at their meeting at the Ramstein AFB, Germany. The exhibition "Our security is not given" about the first ten years of the event is to be installed there.

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