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Informal meeting of students with experts

Prague; Mar 8, 2018
NATO Information Centre prepares another edition of so-called Atrium Party.

This event brings together high-school students with invited members of Czech security community and allows them to informally discuss security-related issues. This edition is prepared for participants of the NATO Model/Prague Student Summit project organized by the Association for Foreign Affairs.


Expert discussion on Czech foreign and security po

Liblice, Jan 19-20, 2018
Jagello 2000 prepares a closed discussion of prominent Czech foreign and security policy experts.

Two-day event organized in cooperation with Forum 2000 and the Association for Foreign Affairs takes place in Chateau Liblice of the Czech Academy of Science and focuses on issues of Czech international security issues.


New Czech president: discussion on security agenda

Prague; Dec 12, 2017
NATO Information Centre and iDNES.cz news portal prepared a pre-election debate of Czech presidential candidates focusing on security and defence aspects of the position.

All candidates except the current president Milos Zeman participated. Two-hour long debate was streamed live, the record can be found here (in Czech).


New natoaktual.cz factboxes

Prague; Dec 2017
We published another factboxes about current security issues.

New factboxes are covering NATO civil emergency planning and NATO's contribution to the fight against terrorism. All facboxes can be found and downloaded here. (in Czech only)


New government, defence and security

Prague; Nov 30, 2017
Jagello 2000 - NATO Information Centre co-organized the conference "New government, defence and security" to blueprint topics that new Czech government should follow.

Jagello 2000 - NATO Information Centre, the CEVRO Institute and Aspen Institute Central Europe organized the conference "New government, defence and security" to blueprint topics that new Czech government should follow. The event also pinpointed obstacles the government will face in order to implement its security and defence policy and it also suggested the way to overcome them.


Japan and Europe: countering common threats

Prague; Nov 24, 2017
NATO Information Centre prepares a seminar on cooperation of Europe and Japan on common security issues.

Prof. Michito Tsuruoka, Keio University, is the main guest of the „Czech Republic and Japan: Different Continents, Similar Threats“ event, which was attended by representatives of Defence Ministry, Foreign Ministry and members of Czech security community. 

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