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V4 and Common Policy: expert group meeting

Bratislava (SK); Mar 5, 2013
Group of experts from the Visegrad Four countries met in Bratislava to discuss EU's infrastructure Connecting Europe Facility worth billions of euros.

The meeting was held in the framework of Visegrad Policy Briefs: Converging Regional Positions project, in which Jagello 2000- NATO Information Centre is responsible for Czech participation. The Czech Republic was thus represented by Jan Jireš (topic Implications of the decreasing US involvement in Europe for the Visegrad region: political and military aspects) and Václav Trejbal (Shared Visegrad interests considering competing pipeline projects in Eurasia).

Main organizer of the project is Slovak Atlantic Commission, or think-tank  Central European Policy Institute (CEPI), and its purpose is to publish a policy paper with recommendation for optimal spending of offered assets.


NATO Days succeeded at European Airshow Council

Antwerp (BE); Feb 14-16, 2013
Jagello 2000 official participated as main organizers of the NATO Days in Ostrava and the only Czech representatives at the convention of the European Airshow Council.

They met with more than 200 delegates representing  airshow organizers, airshow performers and regulators, both government and private, military and civil aviation or display directors, who camo for exchange of information, sharing experience, debates and networking. 

The primary topic of the convention was the airshow safety and risk assessment. Debated challenges for organizers now include also less military participation due to cost restrictions.

During the regular EAC Awards, NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days were awarded 3rd prize in the event promotion category.



Meeting with Ambassador Tomáš Pojar

Prague; Dec 19, 2012
NATO Information Centre in Prague organizes another debate with a top representatives of Czech security community, this time with Czech Ambassador in Israel Tomáš Pojar.

Participants could discuss with the well-informed Middle East expert about actual topics of the civil war in Syrie, consequences of the Arab Spring or security priorities of the Israel and the role of Iran. Ambassador also mentioned the situation in other countries like Jordan or Qatar, which play a key role in the region's stability.


Meeting with Commissioner Stefan Füle

Prague; Dec 14, 2012
NATO Information Centre in Prague organizes another debate with a top representatives of Czech security community, this time with EU Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule.

It will be already the second meeting with him, the main topic of this session will be recent development of the European Union's foreign policy.


Debate of the Czech presidential candidates

Prague; Dec 3, 2012
NATO Information Centre in Prague organizes a public discussion with the candidates for the president of the Czech Republic about foreign and security policy.

The discussion is held from 14:00 to 16:00 in the NATO Information Centre in Prague (Jungmanova 17, Prague). Their participation confirmed Jiří Dienstbier, Vladimír Dlouhý, Jan Fischer, Karel Schwarzenberg (TBC), Přemysl Sobotka, and Miloš Zeman. The discussion is moderated by Martin Ehl, chief-editor of the foreign section of Hospodářské noviny daily.


Members of the Hawk Display Team return to Ostrava

Ostrava; Nov 23-26, 2012
RAF's aerobatic Hawk Display Team are returning to Ostrava after two months to evaluate their season here.

Team, that was participating at the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days in September, chose Ostrava for its great atmosphere and background, but also as an opportunity for over-sea flight. They will also visit the children's home in Slezská Ostrava, where an informal discussion will be held for improving the children's weekend.

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