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NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days 2013

Ostrava; Sep 21-22, 2013
Jagello 2000 is a main organizer of the biggest security show in Europe, which takes place in Leos Janacek Ostrava Airport.

Visitors of NATO Days in Ostrava can see the up-to-date military equipment and elite units of armies, air forces, police, fire fighters, paramedics, and other security services.

Entry is free for all programme, more information can be found at www.natodays.cz.


Conference on Helicopter Capabilities

Ostrava; Sep 20, 2013
Czech Ministry of Defence with support of Jagello 2000 organizes international expert conference "Multinational Cooperation in Helicopter Training and Deployment: Lessons Learnt and Challenges for the Post-2014 Period".

The conference is held in the framework of expert associate programme of NATO Days in Ostrava. Czech delegetion headed by the Defence Minister Vlastimil Picek will participate, as will top officials of other countries, including USA, Croatia, or Hungary.


Czech Model of the U.S. Congress

Pilsen; Sep 13-17, 2013
Jagello 2000 - NATO Information Centre is a partner of the third Czech Model of the U.S. Congress for high school and university students.

The model represents the only simulation of its kind not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole Central and Eastern Europe. Its aim is to simulate proceedings of both U.S. Congress' chambers and through interactive and entertaining form expand the knowledge about the U.S. politics, parliamentarism, role of parliaments, and indirectly contribute to understanding of governance in democratic systems.

More information can be found at www.americkykongres.cz.


Lecture for German academicians and officers

Prague; Jul 25, 2013
NATO Information Centre prepared a lecture about the NATO's importance and role for the Czech Republic, Czech Army's foreign deployments, and Czech Republic's security interests.

The lecture is organized for 30-member group of German academicians and officers of the German Army. They are in the Czech Republic at a educational tour organized by the Brücke/Most Foundation.


Debate with Ambassador Václav Bartuška

Prague; Jul 16, 2013
Jagello 2000 - NATO Information Centre hosts another debate of the informal meetings with top representatives of Czech security community, this time with Václav Bartuška.

Václav Bartuška is special Ambassador for energy security and commissioner for the completion of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant. The main topic of the discussion will be current situation in the completion and enegry security in general.


Aliante 2013 Competition Finals

Stockholm (SWE); Jun 30-Jul 5, 2013
Finals of the international student competition Aliante takes place in Sweden.

20 two-member teams from Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, and Turkey participates this year in the finals, which was earned in two previous knowledge based rounds. Organizer of the finals are Swedish Armed Forces, which guarantee that also finalists' physical qualities are properly tested.

Winners of the competition can look forward to an exclusive trip to Turkey, which will take place in September/October.

Jagello 2000 Association is the main organizer and international coordinator of the Aliante project.

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