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Czech Strategic Challenges

Prague; Dec 19, 2013
NATO Information Centre organizes a seminar about challenges, opportunities and the future of the Czech Army and defence policy.

The seminar named "Strategic Challenges and Opportunities for Czech Defence Policy" has two speakes - First Deputy Defence Minister Daniel Koštoval and Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Petr Pavel.

The seminar is held in NATO Information Centre in the premises of the CEVRO Intitute.


Meet NATO 2013 in Přáslavice

Přáslavice; Oct 17, 2013
NATO Information Centre organizes another part from the series of discussions and excursions for high-school students focused on introduction of the North Atlantic Alliance and Czech contribution.

This time it is hosted by the 73th Tank Battalion of the Czech Army in Přáslavice near Olomouc. The students have opportunity to visit the base, see its equipment and armament, and will be introduced to the activities of the North Atlantic Alliance and possible deployment of the unit to NATO's missions.


Post-Election Foreign Policy Debate

Prague; Oct 15, 2013
NATO Information Centre prepared a public debate on topic of Foreign & Security Policy of the Czech Republic after Parliamentary Elections 2013.

The debate takes place in the CEVRO Institute premises and will be attended by the representatives of the major political parties - Alexandr Vondra (ODS), Jan Hamáček (ČSSD), Ivan Gabal (KDU-ČSL), TOP 09 representative, and the Green Party representative. Representatives of SPOZ party and ANO movement were invited, but excused themselves.


Army Presentation for Students

Prague; Oct 8, 2013
NATO Information Centre prepared a presentation about Czech Army in the foreign missions.

The presentation focused especially to Army's participation at the NATO's operation in Kosovo - KFOR. It was attended by the students of J.G. Mendel High School from Brno and the lecturer was Lt.-Col. Jana Zechmeisterová from the Czech Defence Ministry.


US-CZ Military Cooperation Discussion

Prague; Oct 5, 2013
NATO Information Centre and organizers of the Czech Model of the U.S. Congress prepared an expert discussion for the model delegates about Czech-U.S. military Cooperation.

The event "US-CZ Military Cooperation: Practical Examples of Fostering the Transatlantic Relationship" was held in the IC NATO premises, at the building of the CEVRO Institute. Representatives of the Office of Defense Cooperation of the U.S. Embassy in Prague, Lt.-Col. Stephanie Bagley and Lt.-Col. John Williams, together with representatives of the Czech Army,  Lt.-Col. Petr Blecha and Lt-Col. Vlastimil Duchoň, discussed the topic with the delegates.


Aliante 2013 Winners' Trip

Turkey; Sep 24-Oct 3, 2013
Winners of the international student competition Aliante 2013 are enjoying their prize - the trip through Turkey.

They will visit many tourist sights, but also places inaccessible for regular tourists - bases of the Turkish Army, Navy and Air Force. They deserve this trip that lead from Ankara to Istanbul, thanks to their performance in three rounds of the competition.

You can find more information about Aliante here.

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