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NATO Days in Ostrava 2014

Ostrava; Sep 20-21, 2014
Jagello 2000 is the main organizer of the biggest security show in Europe - NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days.

One day with the Czech TV documentaries in Minikino Kavárna, Ostrava, and debates with pilots in Knihcentrum Bookstore are parts of the associate programme of the event that take place on September 18, or September 19, prior to the show.

More information about the event can be found at www.natodays.cz.


Conference on Supersonic Capabilities

Ostrava; Sep 19, 2014
On the occasion of NATO Days in Ostrava, the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and Jagello 2000 organized an expert conference Air power in Europe: supersonic capabilities and European allies - trends, requirements and opportunities for cooperation.

The conference was focused on capabilities, recent trends and possibilities of cooperation in the field of supersonic aircraft. The opening remarks were given by the Secretaries of State of the Czech and Slovak Defence Ministries, Daniel Koštoval and Miloš Koterec.

Representatives of the General Staff of the Czech Army, Czech Air Force, Austrian Air Force, Swedish Air Force, Belgian Air Force, European Defence Agency, Air Navigation Service, Aero Vodochody company, LOM Praha company, and other institutions and companies took part in the conference.


International Seminar on Cybercrimes

Ostrava; Sep 19, 2014
On the occasion of NATO Days in Ostrava, Czech Police Presidium and Europol in cooperation with Jagello 2000 organized an international security seminar focused on cybercrimes.

Regarding the long-time professional cooperation between the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic and European Police Office Europol, security experts from Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic meet in Ostrava to discuss recent development in the area of computer criminality. Representatives of Czech national Security Office and Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office take part in the seminar as well.

The discussion focused both at recent trends in the area of computer crimes, and factors that support these illegal activities, for example virtual currencies or anonymization tools.


Joint Sky: Debates with NATO Days Participants

Ostrava; Sep 19, 2014 
NATO Information Centre co-organizes traditional informal public debates with participants of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days.

Three-hour long meeting is a part of NATO Days' associate programme and takes place in Knihcentrum Bookstore in Ostrava centre. US Air Force pilots also visited high-schools in Ostrava, where they talked to students.

Debates are held in the framework of IC NATO project Joint Sky.


Strengthening Czech–U.S. Strategic Relations

Prague; Sep 11, 2014
IC NATO - natoaktual.cz is a media partner of international seminar organized by the CEVRO Institute.

The seminar "Strengthening Czech – U.S. Strategic Relations: A Roadmap for the Future" is realized in the framework of project Link Praha - Washington: How to Strenghten Transatlantic Bond between the Czech Republic and the United States in the post-radar era? Main speakers at the seminar are Bruce P. Jackson, Cameron Munter, Daniel Koštoval and Gen. Petr Pavel.


Changes of the Security Environment

Prague; Sep 9, 2014
IC NATO prepared a discussion with Ivo Schwarz.

It was another part of the series of debates with leading representatives of the Czech security and foreign policy community. Ivo Schwarz, former Director of Office for Foreign Relations and Informations (foreign intelligence service) and next Czech Ambassador to Israel, talked mostly about recent changes in security environment and what are their implications for the Czech Republic.

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