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Visit our exposition at IDET Fair!

Brno; May 19-21, 2015
Jagello 2000 presents the NATO Days in Ostrava and its other projects at the international defence and security technologies fair IDET.

Jagello 2000 has its own exposition with number P100 at the fair and visitors can get there information about NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days, but also about other projects of the association - Aliante competition for high school students, NATO Information Centre or natoaktual.cz, news and information portal.

Jagello 2000 participates at the promotion of the fair, because natoaktual.cz is the official media partner of IDET.


Air Power Conference

Copenhagen (DK); Apr 17, 2015
Jagello 2000 representative participated at the conference about the future of air forces in Europe.

The symposium featured the release of report on the lessons to be learned from Denmark's 40 years of experience with the F-16.  Turning to the future, the speakers at the symposium discussed how medium and small air forces such as those of Denmark, Australia, the UK, and the USMC could use new airpower capabilities to generate innovative concepts of operation that increase joint combat power to address regional and global security issues in the coming years.


European Airshow Council 2015

Antwerp (BE); Mar 12-14, 2015
Jagello 2000 official participated as main organizers of the NATO Days in Ostrava and the only Czech representatives at the convention of the European Airshow Council.

Policing Airshows, Social Media and Marketing, or Running an Airshow With Limited Resources are among the main topics of the convention.


Air Forces Commanders Conference

Praha; Mar 12, 2015
Jagello 2000 participates at the conference of Air Force Commanders of Central European countries organized by the Czech Ministry of Defence.

The conference is attended by the commanders and representatives of the air force of Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany and Sweden. Main topics are common international training of tactical air force crews and increasing the effectiveness of cooperation in use of tactical transport aircraft in Central Europe. The result will be the higher transport capacity of the Czech Army and cuts in the expenditures of the Defence Ministry.

The conference is opened by the Deputy Defence Minister Daniel Koštoval, Chief of Staff Gen. Petr Pavel, Air Force Commander Gen. Libor Štefánik, and Jagello 2000 CEO Zbyněk Pavlačík.


Aliante 2015 competition started

Mar 6, 2015
Already the 14th edition of the international student competition Aliante started in nine European countries.

The competition’s aim is to raise the understanding of the North Atlantic Alliance, security policy and international affairs. For the winners, a unique trip is prepared, a trip not offered by any travel agency anywhere. But it is all the Aliante participants who are going to benefit from enlarging their knowledge and from making acquaintances with similarly-interested students from different countries. This is the real main prize that will aid them in their studies and later on in their professional careers.

The Aliante 2015 see participation of students from Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, and Turkey.

Jagello 2000 Association is the international coordinator of the competition. More information can be found at www.project-aliante.org or http://www.facebook.com/AlianteCompetition.


Informal meeting of students and experts

Praha; Mar 5, 2015
NATO IC prepares the second edition of so called "Atrium Party" for high-school students participating at Model NATO organized by the Association for Foreign Affairs.

The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity to students to informally meet and discuss with Czech security experts. Diplomats, Czech Army representatives, journalists or humanitarian NGOs representatives are to see the students.

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