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Albright to receive the Transatlantic Award

Bratislava (SK); Apr 16, 2016
Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Czech diplomat and politician Michael Žantovský receive the Czech and Slovak Transatlantic Award (CSTA) at GLOBSEC 2016 conference.

The CSTA is jointly awarded by GLOBSEC organiser Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC) and Jagello 2000 for outstanding contribution to strengthening the Euro-Atlantic relations and democracy and freedom in Central Europe. The active involvement of Albright contributed to the integration of former Eastern Bloc nations into NATO. Michael Žantovský was the spokesman, press secretary and advisor to President Václav Havel, and from 1992 until 1997 he served as the Ambassador of Czechoslovakia and subsequently (from January 1993) the Czech Republic in the United States.

You can find more about the GLOBSEC conference at globsec.org.


Seminar before the NATO Warsaw Summit

Berlin (DE); Apr 5, 2016
Jagello 2000 representative takes part at the seminar "NATO Summit in Warsaw - challenges and expectations" organized at the Czech Embassy in Berlin.

Aim of the seminar is to present the position or expectations of selected NATO member countries they have before the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw. Each country is represented by its NGO or think tanks, the Czech Republic' stance is presented by Zbyněk Pavlačík, Chairman of Jagello 2000.

The event is organized by the Polish Defence Ataché and is intended for the representatives of the German Defence Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Chancellery, think tanks or defence atachés of NATO member countries.


IC NATO is a MiniMUN partner

Prague; Apr 2, 2016
NATO IC supports the MiniMUN, a unique event simulating a crisis session of the UN's body.

Established in the spring of 2013, MiniMUN is a unique project put forward by Model United Nations Prague. The objective is to simulate an unprecedented crisis to delegates of one of the smaller UN bodies and have them respond to this situation within less than 10 hours by submitting just one resolution.

NATO IC is a partner of this project and provides for it also its premises.


Informal meeting of students and experts

Prague; Mar 31, 2016
NATO IC prepares already the third meeting called Atrium Party for high-school students participating at the Model NATO.

Aim of the event is to faciliate a debate of students with invited foreign and security policy experts.


We support High-school Expert Activities

Prague; Mar 21, 2016
NATO Information Centre representative is the member of the jury at the School Round of the High-school Expert Activities at the Business Academy Hovorčovická in Prague.

High-school Expert Activities is a competition for talented students aimed at solving scientific problems in 18 different branches promoted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. IC NATO is also ready to provide an assistance to all participants, who focus on foreign and security policy issues.


Debate about energy security

Prague; Mar 9, 2016
IC NATO prepares another debate in a series of meetings with senior representatives of the Czech foreign policy and security community.

Václav Bartuška, Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Security, is the main speaker this time and he is to address the topic of current oil price and connected issues.

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