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New natoaktual.cz factboxes

Prague; Dec, 2016
Cyber-security, NATO Warsaw Summit and recently ended Operation Active Endeavour are topics of new factboxes published by NATO Information Centre.

Factboxes bring summary of basic information in well-aranged way. You can find them and download them here (in Czech only).


Middle East debate

Prague; Dec 13, 2016
We organize a debate for representatives of Czech security and foreign policy community, this time with Mr. Petr Štěpánek, former Czech chargé d’affaires in Tehran and Deputy Ambassador in Ankara.

Both countries, Turkey and Iran, are key factors in the future of the Middle East. The main topic of the debate focused on the current situation in the region and foreign policy of the Czech Republic.


Czech Republic in NATO: audit 2016

Prague; Dec 8, 2016
We organize already the fourth meeting of the Czech security community "Czech Republic in NATO: annual audit".

This informal meeting thus holds the tradition in annual evaluation of the Czech Republic's activity in NATO and of fulfilling expectations connected with NATO membership.


Update of the hybrid threats study

Prague; Nov, 2016
Jagello 2000 in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission in Prague and Faculty of Social Studies of the Masaryk University published an updated and expanded study on hybrid threats.

It addresses dynamic development in the area in last year and also more focuses on the issue of increasing resiliency against hybrid threats. The publication can be downloaded here (in Czech and English).


Round-table about Asia security issues

Prague; Nov 8, 2016
The NATO Information Centre o NATO hosts a round-table with representatives of three Taiwan universities.

They will meet members of the Czech security community and together will discuss actual security issues of Asia with a special focus on Taiwan.


Seminar about results of the Warsaw Summit

Prague; Oct 21, 2016
The NATO Information Centre prepares a seminar for debating society of the University of New York in Prague about the outcomes of the NATO Warsaw Summit and related reactions of the Alliance.

The seminar Challenges facing NATO and the Warsaw summit results will be led by Jan Jireš, Director of the Defence Policy Department of the Ministry of Defence. 

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