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About us

Civic association Jagello 2000 is the top Czech subject in the field of communication strategy of the membership in the North Atlantic Alliance and of security policy generally. It also participates in projects focused on the European Union. The main purpose of the Association is to inform the public about security politics and transatlantic relations.

The idea to establish the Association appeared during the autumn of 1999. Its main impulse was the membership of the Czech Republic and Poland in North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Founders of the Association are from Northern Moravia and Silesia regions that experienced a very troubled history in the last century. So the integration to NATO was perceived by the founders as a unique opportunity to build up Czech-Polish relations on utterly new basis. The Czech and the Poles have become allies for the first time in the modern history and the propagation of this newly set bond became the main objective of the Association in its first years.

The first projects that we organized were Czech-Polish “Air Show” on the airport Mošnov in October 2000 and “Forum Jagello 2001” conference aimed at the evaluation of the first two years of the Czech and Polish membership in NATO in March 2001.

We proposed several projects to examination to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in the same time. These projects included Aliante competition, news and information server natoaktual.cz, NATO Day in Ostrava and others. Most of them successfully passed through approval procedure and consequently was, or still is, realized by the means of the NATO membership communication strategy fund.

We have been also commissioned to manage the NATO Information Center since autumn of 2002. We were significantly participating in associated program for NATO Summit in Prague as well. In the following year, we were intensively involved in the campaign of the Foreign Ministry about referendum to accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union.

Jagello 2000 Association was elected the representative of the Czech Republic in the Atlantic Treaty Association in November 2003. On the basis of this decision we have established Czech Euroatlantic Council in February 2004. Its members are prominent Czech diplomats, military experts or scholars studying security policy and transatlantic cooperation.

Since autumn 2004, we also participate in communication projects in Serbia and Montenegro, whose aim is to present the Czech Republic as a partner and ally in the process of euroatlantic integration.

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